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Zoho API Developers Guide


Zoho API Developers Guide :

The Developer Guide covers the use and implementation of Zoho APIs. It also lists down the key features that are available for the various Zoho Services under different types of API - Remote and Data - and how you can implement them.

Developers will learn, through practical examples, to integrate Zoho editors in their web application using Remote API as well as manipulate their existing data in different Zoho services with Data API. For a detailed overview of Remote and Data APIs, please click here and here.

Target Audience :

Zoho APIs are intended for anyone with basic programming skills in any language - java, php, asp etc., and a general understanding of Web applications and how they work. This document assumes that users who intend implement Data & Remote API in their web-application, understand the basics of Web services, XML, JSON and the GET & POST requests in HTTPS.

Remote API Reference

This section will provide developers with the detailed reference documentation of Zoho Remote APIs and explain how to :
  • Open a document, spreadsheet and presentation in Zoho editors (Writer/Sheet/Show).
  • Collaborate on these documents in Real-Time
  • Save the document content back to partner's servers.
Data API Reference

The Data API reference section will provide developers with the details of  how to :
  • Retrieve a list of Zoho user's documents
  • Get the content of user's documents
  • Import & Export documents.
  • Grant/Revoke the sharing permissions of user's document.
  • Tag documents
  • View version details of the document from revision history
  • Publish document for public vi
  • Trash/Delete documents.
The Data APIs are REST-based and developers can send the request in the form of URI. The response is returned in either XML or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) formats.

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