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Remote Editor - Feature Limitations

The key advantages of using the Remote API includes the ability to remotely access the document Editors while storing the data back to your servers. However, the remote editors are not fully functional editors you can access from Zoho.com. Due to the inherent limitations of no user account creation, they are a slightly scaled-down version of our online Editors with some features and functionality missing. 

The list of features that are not part of Zoho Services' Remote Editor is tabulated below:

Zoho Writer

Zoho Sheet

Zoho Show
Document History & VersionsVBA MacrosAbility to Make Remote Presentations
Doc Roll: Listing public documents in your website or blogPublish Spreadsheets
Duplicate a Presentation
DigiSign: Ability to digitally sign Writer documentsInsert ButtonPresentation History & Versions
Custom DictionaryLinking External DataPublish Presentations
Email as Attachment
Copy/Paste sheet from one Spreadsheet to another
Add Tags
Publish Document Spreadsheet History, Versions & Audit Trail
Insert Image from Picasa, Flickr, Websearch
Spreadsheet Settings (Locale Settings)
Track Changes
Lock Cells/Sheet
Equation Editor
Tab Colors
Limit of 2 million cells per workbook; Maximum of 65536 rows or 256 columns per worksheet
Zoho Forms usage

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