Productivity Apps API

Data APIs for Zoho Productivity Applications

In addition to providing solution for document & storage management needs, Data APIs are also available for Zoho's productivity applications including - Creator, Meeting, Projects, Reports & Invoice. Developers can make use of data stored in these Zoho apps for preparing to-do lists, querying database-driven web-applications, conducting web conferences etc.

This section provides links to the Data API specifications currently available for different Zoho productivity applications.
  • Zoho CRM API -- Allows third-party services to integrate CRM modules into their application. 

  • Zoho Creator API -- Allows external websites to collaborate with data-driven Zoho Creator applications, with ease. Developers can now build their web application in PHP, JSP, ASP, Perl or on any other programming language while the data gets stored in Zoho Creator.

  • Zoho Projects API -- Allows for a host of mashups as well as customized application development with the use of Zoho Projects data.

  • Zoho Reports API -- Allows hosted as well as in-premise applications to use Zoho Reports for specialized reporting and analysis.  With this API, applications can push data into Zoho Reports for reporting. The API also supports SQL Querying based on Zoho CloudSQL technology. 

  • Zoho Invoice API New* -- Serves as an interface for clients to integrate their applications with Zoho Invoice.

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