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List of Presentation Slides

The API allows users to get a detailed list of slides associated with a particular presentation in Zoho Show.

Request URI:

Developers can send the request in the following URI format :
https://show.zoho.com/api/<access>/<format>/[presentation_id]/slides?apikey=[API Key]&authtoken=[AuthToken]&scope=DataAPI
Access : private

Format : xml, json

HTTP Method : GET

Request Parameters Reference

Mandatory. Unique ID associated with a presentation that contains list of slides.

Sample Response :

The following is a response (both in XML & JSON) for getting the list of slides in a presentation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
<response uri="/api/private/xml/15265000000006107/slides">
"uri": "/api/private/json/15265000000006107/slides",


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