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Generate Auth Token

Partners making use of Data APIs are required to pass an additional Auth Token parameter along with the API key. Auth Token is mandatory and is needed for authenticating the user of a particular Zoho service.

In other words, partners integrating Zoho services by using the Data APIs have to create an Auth Token for each of the users accessing their application. This is because Data APIs require :
  • Each user to have a Zoho account.
  • Data is stored in a specific user's filestore. Auth Token is needed to get into that filestore space and make data specific API calls.
  • Data gets stored in Zoho document servers.
How to generate Auth Token?

You can generate the Auth Token in two ways.
  1. API Mode
  2. Browser Mode

API Mode

To generate the permanent Auth Token, you need to send an authenticated HTTP-POST request to Zoho Accounts using the following URL format:
https://accounts.zoho.com/apiauthtoken/nb/create?SCOPE=ZohoWriter/DataAPI&EMAIL_ID=[Zoho ID/EmailID]&PASSWORD=[Password]
Mandatory fields to be passed in the URL are:

MandatoryZoho API Service name.

Possible values: ZohoWriter/DataAPI, ZohoSheet/DataAPI, ZohoShow/DataAPI
Zoho Username or Email ID of a particular user.
Password for the Zoho Username 

Note: The parameter names passed in the POST request are case-sensitive.

Sample Response:

#Thu Oct 26 02:17:49 PST 2009

 Response Details:
  • #Comment -- Authtoken generated date.
  • WARNING -- If the parameters passed in the URL are incorrect, the user will get a warning message stating the reason, else the parameter will be empty.
  • AUTHTOKEN -- Auth Token generated for the request.
  • RESULT -- Value is TRUE if the authtoken is generated successfully, else it is FALSE.
Browser Mode

To generate the permanent authtoken, browse the following URL:
You will be requested to sign in to your Zoho account, if you are not signed in already.

Sample Response:

#Thu Oct 26 02:17:49 PST 2009

Response Details:
  • #Comment -- Authtoken generated date.
  • AUTHTOKEN -- The permanent Auth Token generated for Zoho Data API access (Writer, Sheet and Show).
  • RESULT -- Value is TRUE if the authtoken is generated successfully, else it is FALSE.
Manage Auth Tokens

You can view, delete and regenerate the Auth Token generated for your account from the 'My Zoho Account' Page.
  1. Log in to Zoho API Website - https://zapi.zoho.com
  2. Click 'My Zoho Account' (at the top-right).
  3. In the My Zoho Account page, click Active Authtokens.
    In this page, you can also Remove or Regenerate Auth Tokens.
Note: Removing an Auth Token will delete the token permanently.

Important Notes

-- Generating AUTHTOKEN is as simple as a single click. You need to generate your AUTHTOKEN only once and can continue to access Zoho
Data API service without interruption.

-- The Authentication Token is user-specific and is a permanent token.

-- The Authentication Token of a user's account will become invalid if the user is deactivated.

-- It is recommended that you note down your Authentication Token.

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